Power of 3: Who We Are

We specialise in events based marketing, ranging from promotional events, to private indoor events, so we can Cube your experience with the absolute maximum functions!

We are selective in our campaigns

Healthy and Organic

We have run campaigns for clients that help educate people on healthy and organic eating.

Human Rights

We’ve run human rights campaigns to help the most marginalized and poverty stricken members of society.

Endangered Species

We’ve helped raise millions for endangered species; all in the last 18 months!

Team Members
Happy Clients
Weekly Events

Principles Of Our Work

When we’re choosing a campaign to take on, we’re open to any industry.

The two conditions we do have when selecting a campaign are:

  1. Do we believe in the brand?

  2. Is a live events campaign feasible?

As long as the answer to both is YES then Power of 3 is a go baby!