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We are

Power of 3

New York’s most trustworthy, exciting and versatile events-based marketing company.

We manage the brands of – and run events for – some of America’s largest companies. Our mission is to increase the exposure of our clients’ brand, to bring in quality long term customers and to help drive revenue, all whilst making sure that the person appreciates the experience with the brand. People want to listen to and be involved with Professionals!

If you start to feel like your advertising is boring and bland, then Cube your brand!

Sense of Pride

There should be a sense of pride in who we are representing

Giving Back

There should be an element of giving back and empathizing


There should be a consistent level of quality given.

Equal Opportunity

There should be an equal opportunity in the workplace; no gender-inequality pay gaps here, no thank you.

Why Work with Us

4 Principles of Our Work

At Power of 3 HQ, when we sit down and begin to analyze the data, and come up with the best equation to solve the problems, the conversation always comes back to the same core principles:

We pride ourselves in adding a sense of personality in to your brand, elevating it from the sensory overload of modern, digital and print advertising. By representing your brand in person we can multiply the customer experience and equal something unique and engaging.

We love interacting with people! We hate the idea that all of our customers are the same, or would enjoy the same things. We can offer a level of precision in how we triangulate your audience and deliver a much bigger result as a consequence.